Image rights agreement









- hereinafter referred to as "Customer" -




Delware UG (limited liability), Meyerstr. 6, 28844 Weyhe, Germany

- hereinafter referred to as "Company" -


the following contract is concluded:



§ 1 Recordings


The Company and the Customer agree that the Customer will be available to the Company for recordings and that the following recordings will be made:


Type of recordings: Pictures and movies while boating, fishing and with fish.


Date / period ________  ______________ hrs



§ 2 The customer agrees that the resulting recordings may be used and published by the company without any restrictions in terms of time, place and content.


In the event of publication, the customer shall not make any claims, including claims against third parties.


§ 3 Personal rights; naming


The company undertakes to protect the personal rights of the customer. The recordings may only be edited, redesigned and published in compliance with the customer's personal rights.


The naming of the customer is at the discretion of the company, but may also be indicated only with the first name at the request of the customer.



§ 4 Fee


The customer does not receive any monetary remuneration as a fee for the activity and transfer of the exploitation rights, but a selection of the recordings that have been processed by the company, if necessary. 


These recordings may be used freely and free of charge by the customer for self-promotion such as their own website, etc.


In addition, the sale and / or transfer of image rights to third parties, especially for commercial purposes, is excluded. With this fee, all claims of the customer are fully satisfied.



§ 5 Additional agreements




§ 6 Amendments to the contract and ancillary agreements 


Amendments, supplements and collateral agreements must be made in writing; this also applies to the waiver of the written form itself.


Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract.


Place, date


_________________________                                    _________________________
Signature Customer                                                 Signature Company 





§ 7 Declaration of consent by legal representative


As the legal representative of the "Customer", I hereby declare my agreement with all points of the above agreement.


Name and address of the representative



Place, date



Signatue of the Representative




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