What we offer


1. Night trip Stromboli

Departure 15:00 Milazzo (Port of Santa Maria Maggiore) 4 hours trolling towards Stromboli, stay at the fire slide and dinner on board from the grill. Afterwards fishing for conger. Overnight stay in the boat at anchorage. In the morning small breakfast and then return to Milazzo with 4 hours trolling for tuna, possibly swordfish. Arrival at the port around 13:00. 
(Max. 4 persons)
(Including fuel, food and non-alcoholic drinks)

Price incl. tax:

999,00 €

2. Night cruise on Calmare

Departure 20:00 Milazzo (port Santa Maria Maggiore). Duration 7 hours. Maximum 4 anglers.  Two non-fishing persons are possible as escort.


(Fuel included)

Price incl. tax:

300,00 €

3. Combined offer night trip Stromboli & night trip Calmare

Price incl. tax:

1.200,00 €

4. One day drift fishing

Departure between 8:00 am and 10:00 am from Milazzo (port of Santa Maria Maggiore), drive 15 km out, there will be a feeding track, 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm back in the port. Maximum 4 fishing persons, two non-fishing persons are allowed as escort.


(Including fuel, food and non-alcoholic drinks)

Price incl. tax:

600,00 €

5. Combined offer night trip Stromboli, night trip Calmare & drift fishing

Price incl. tax:

1.650,00 €

Boat charter


3.500 €

plus gasoline


600 €

plus gasoline


1.100 €

plus gasoline


Boat/short week

2.900 €

plus gasoline


2-3 hrs trip

300 €

plus gasoline

Consumption at cruising speed (24 knots) approx. 50 liters/hour

Skipper included

Deposit: 1.000 €

Delivery day: flexible


The charter price includes:

Final cleaning, cook, bed sheets, towels, dinghy incl. outboard engine, life raft, handling charges, big game equipment, fishing equipment


You can find the charter contracts and the general terms and conditions here.


The customer agrees that the photo and video recordings made during the boat charter may be used and published by the provider. An agreement on image rights regulates further details.